Charity Russell Illustration 


I am a Bristol based children's book illustrator. My work all begins in a sketch book and the pencil is very much my main tool, I nearly always finish my work digitally, here I amalgamate all the different textures I've gathered and created with the original pencil and ink sketches.

A Wave Came through Our Window by Zetta Elliott and illustrated by me, has been given outstanding merit in Best Children's Books of 2016 

My works includes, Amelia's Hair by Rich Superman, Barkley Eats Breakfast by Jackson and Lisa Moller, Far Beyond The Treetops by Steph CaptainThe Moon Princess of Emne by River LotusWhat are your Superpowers by Marget WincentBulldog Blossoms by Richard SpelmanGhosts in the Castle by Zetta Elliott,  The Factory that made Guns by Dalia Mae LachlanBetsy Bumble Bee by Pamela WaiolenaSockmonster and Friends by Joseph Andrews and many more.

I have a First Class Masters Degree in 'Illustration and Design' from The University of Sunderland, U.K before this I gained my Bachelors degree in Illustration from Falmouth University College, Cornwall, U.K.